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Sangram Chougule

Brand Ambassador, Director (ISFS)
International Fitness Professional
Mr. Universe, WBPF World Champion x 2
Mr India x 6, Mr. Maharashtra x 5

Fitness Talks

ISFS Diploma in Personal Training for Health & Fitness

The Diploma in Personal Training for Health & Fitness (DPTHF) is a foundation program designed to give a basic understanding of health, fitness & exercise science components.

This course also highlights the importance of allied subjects like exercise psychology, nutrition, injury management, fitness assessment & enhancement technology. 

The course also encompasses business management verticals like marketing, etiquette, personal grooming, PR, soft and communication skills required for a fitness professional.

ISFS Diploma In Fitness & Exercise Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects responsible for the overall development of the human body, be it for an athlete or any fitness enthusiast. It is often neglected which in turn, adversely affects the performance.

When sports & fitness professionals are well versed with scientific nutrition principles and practices, it becomes easy for them to derive appropriate nutrient requirements for the athletes depending on the type, intensity and duration of sport or fitness activity. This will definitely help reduce complications like injuries, dehydration, fatigue resulting due to the wrong choice of food and beverage