The Institute is not liable for securing jobs for its enrolled students. Placement opportunities will be given to deserving meritorious candidates and is based on the final discretion of the company hiring the candidate.


Admissions granted on incorrect information will be construed null and void. In all matters regarding admission to the programme, the decision of the Institute will be final and binding on the applicant. No correspondence from the applicant with respect to his/her non selection will be entertained.

Applicant Details 

The candidate must supply all contact details to the Institute at the time of admission. Alternate telephone numbers, email addresses should be supplied for the record of the Institute. Any change in your address/telephone number should be intimated to the Institute immediately. The Institute is not responsible for the Postal/Courier delays, loss in transit, or wrong address.


  • All fees once paid will not be refunded for any reason whatsoever.
  • The student/parent/guardian authorizes the Institute to deposit cheques on due dates without recourse to them. If the cheque is not honoured by the issuing bank for any reason, the Institute shall initiate such steps including legal action to recover the same.
  • In the event of non receipt of fees on due date, the Institute reserves the right to initiate such steps including refraining the students from attending lectures, participating in events /workshops, appearing for assessments /exams etc. at its sole discretion. The student/parent/guardian waives their right to initiate any steps against the Institute arising out of steps initiated for the same.
  • Delay in payment of fees will result in the levying of an additional financial penalty by the Institute.

Cancellation of Admission 

The Institute reserves its right to cancel the admission of successful applicants under any of the following circumstances:

  • If the applicant’s cheques are dishonoured.
  • If the applicant fails to furnish the proof of the stipulated minimum qualifications/eligibility criteria.
  • If the applicant fails to meet the minimum attendance criteria or the same is found not to be genuine.
  • If the applicant brings to disrepute the name of the Institute, or if the Institute deems that educational standards/class decorum are not being maintained by the applicant.
  • If the applicant has committed a breach of any of the terms of this agreement or any rule framed subsequent to these terms, and has failed to rectify such breach despite the Institute calling upon him/her to do so.
  • Bank account not to be closed & no stop payment of the cheque.


No applicant shall be allowed to stay or sleep in the premises. Alcoholic drinks, and smoking and any products injurious to health shall not be consumed in the premises. The applicants shall also ensure that he/she shall not cause any noise/nuisance to the other offices in the building.

Practical Training/Internship 

  • The Institute will consistently endeavor to provide practical training opportunities to its students with various agencies/allied partners.
  • However the Institute’s association with other agencies/partners shall not be taken to constitute a partnership or joint venture or contract of employment between the parties and nothing contained in this agreement shall authorize either party to incur any liabilities on behalf of the other.
  • The Institute will not be responsible for any incident which may occur when a student is working on a project for a company.
  • The Institute will not be held liable if a third party partner promises to pay monies/dues to the applicant for work carried out/expenses met for work carried out and defaults of the same. The applicant will have to deal with the third party company directly for the same, however the Institute will endeavor to facilitate and ensure that the entire matter is handled suitably.
  • The Institute will also not be held liable if a third party company agrees to delegate work to the applicant of a certain nature, and then delegates’ alternative work. The applicant will have to deal with the third party company directly for the same, however the Institute will endeavor to facilitate and ensure that the entire matter is handled suitably.


  • The Institute is not responsible for the views/opinions/ideas of any faculty /guest lecturer/speaker/third party over and above the course curriculum. The Institute does not endorse in anyway the opinion/ statement /comment of such third parties with context to non related opinions. The Institute shall neither be responsible nor liable for any consequential damages arising on account of the applicant relying on views/ideas/opinions/statements of the above.
  • The Institute reserves the right to cancel or reschedule lectures in line with faculty schedules in the best interest of the applicants.


  • The Institute shall in no way be responsible or liable for any damages, loss, or injury caused to the applicant or to his property from any cause whatsoever.
  • The Institute shall in no way be liable for any damages, loss or injury or death or any claim from them regarding loss or injury or death caused to the applicants in the premises.
  • The applicant shall maintain to his/her best the premises including equipment, fixtures, fittings, etc. provided by the Institute or otherwise in good working condition.
  • Any damage, other than the due course of wear and tear, to the premises caused by the applicant shall be borne and reimbursed by the applicant to the Institute. The applicant is solely responsible for his behaviour/responsibility during any practical training/internship/job opportunity provided by the Institute.
  • The Institute does not take any responsibility for the students’ actions.

Right of Alteration/Modification 

  • The Institute reserves its right to alter or modify the structure of its programme within the current broad outline to attain the objective of excellence.
  • The Institute reserves its right to modify/alter and/or include any other ‘Terms and Conditions’ that may be deemed fit in the interest of the Institution.


 Any dispute pertaining to admission or any other matter as a student of the ISST’s Institute Of Sports Science & Technology (ISFS) shall be subjected to the jurisdiction of the Pune Court only.